Welcome to the SECB Certification System

Welcome to the online recertification application for SECB. Below are instructions on how to complete the process. Remember to use your F5 key or click the "refresh" button on your browser to refresh a page and update calculations as you add your continuing education hours.

Online Procedure

SECB is excited to bring the annual process online. Thanks to the suggestions of Board and Committee members plus SECB certificants, recertification will be easier, with quicker feedback and access to past submittals. While SECB Recertification requirements have not changed, there are changes to the format in which they are submitted to the Board for approval.

It is recommended that you take advantage of the availability of an online account to store all of your professional Development Hours as you earn them.

To Get Started

The first step to the recertification process is to log in. Please click here to access the login page.

Using the menu on the left side of the page, click My Profile to start updating your contact information. This will be how SECB staff communicates with you, so please supply your preferred contact information.

The next step is to pay your recertification processing fee. The online cart can be found on the left menu under Pay For Recertification. Click the Add To Cart button to complete your secure online credit card transaction.

The second step in the process it to detail your work experience over the past 12 months. To do this, click on the Create An Engagement Record in the left menu. Please fill out as many as you need to, to accurately reflect your position/positions this year.

Next, go to the left menu again and click Record PDH Hours. This section will ask for all of the same information that you included in the Program Activity Log. You are encouraged to complete a new Activity Record after each course attended, instead of waiting until your SECB cycle deadline. Though only 15 hours are required for SECB recertification, please list all your have earned over your 12 month cycle.

Once you have entered all of your activities for the recertification cycle, you must complete the final step, Apply Hours to Cycle. This indicates to SECB how you want to apply those hours per the 6 PDH categories. You must apply your hours to be considered for recertification.

Application Review

Your recertification application will be reviewed at least three times over the course of the approval process: Once by the SECB staff to troubleshoot any common errors, once by the Credentialing Committee to offer their recommendations, and finally by one member of the Board of Directors to officially confirm approval or seek additional information. At any time during the process, you are welcome to log into your account to see adjustments being made. Unfortunately, you will not be able to adjust your information until instructed to do so by SECB.